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El equipo de Incite Energy combina una profunda experiencia en el sector energético y una visión analítica y estratégica.

Fundada en 2016, los directores de Incite Energy Michael Cornwall, Neville Wood y Greg Denton conectaron a través de un deseo de incitar soluciones innovadoras y optimizadas de energía limpia a través de una mezcla de economía especializada, habilidades analíticas financieras, ingeniería y capacidades de gestión de proyectos. Aprovechamos nuestra experiencia e invertimos en formación continua para ofrecer a nuestros clientes soluciones energéticas limpias optimizadas.

Resolución de problemas centrada en el cliente

Modelización y análisis avanzados del mercado

Conocimiento y experiencia del mercado real

Énfasis en la optimización y la constructibilidad

Nuestra misión

Aunque la escala de los proyectos y la amplitud de los servicios que ofrece Incite Energy han crecido significativamente, el objetivo principal sigue siendo el mismo: incitar a un cambio real en el mundo acelerando la transición hacia una economía verde.
hacia un futuro con menos emisiones.

Conoce a nuestro equipo

Greg Denton
Managing Director MBA (Dist), BA, BCom, GAICD

Greg has 25 years of electricity market experience, specialising in energy economics, electricity contracting and enabling the transition to renewable energy solutions. He was previously an executive with Western Power and then Worley, and Chair of the Sustainable Energy Association.
His focus is on commercial, regulatory and market design aspects of energy transition, covering electricity and gas.

Neville Wood
Engineering Director MIEAust CPEng, RPEQ, NER

Neville has 20+ years of energy industry experience, both in Europe and Australia. His expertise covers energy systems access, operation and design within Utilities, Consulting and EPC practices.
He provides an holistic understanding of the operation of power systems with diverse market requirements and brings innovation to improve operational integrity and efficiency.

Michael Cornwall
Project Director MIEAust CPEng, RPEQ, NER, BCom

Michael is a Project Manager and Chartered Professional Electrical Engineer with a deep understanding of the feasibility, optimisation, delivery and network integration of large-scale renewable energy projects.
His personal focus is on optimising both the commercial and technical feasibility of a project to ensure its ongoing success.

Kody Ponds
Director of Decarbonisation MIEAust, NER, BE / BCom

Kody has extensive experience in renewable energy integration, strategic and directional studies, project execution and mining operations. She is a qualified electrical power engineer and industrial computer systems engineer with over 9+ years of industry experience. She also holds a commerce degree and is a qualified mental health first aider. Her focus today is on strategic planning and communication, business case development, investment evaluation, project management and execution of renewable projects.

Matias Valdes
Electrical Engineer PUC, MIEAust

Matias is a power systems engineer with 5+ years of experience developing renewable energy projects focusing on solar, wind and hydro technologies. He has broad knowledge in power system analysis, designs and operations, complemented by an expertise in diverse modelling software and applied technical and regulatory standards in Australia.

Igor Perin
Technical Director PhD, MSc Electrical Engineering, RPEQ

Igor holds a PhD in electrical engineering, and is highly skilled in Renewable Energy, Traction Power  Systems, Transmission, Distribution, Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, with voltage levels ranging from 11kV to 330kV. His focus is on transmission and distribution design, substation design, network modelling and renewable techno-economic modelling.

Dale Crossley-Guy
Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

Dale is an undergraduate electrical engineer, currently studying Electrical Power and Renewable Engineering at Murdoch University. He is a committee member of the Murdoch Engineering Student Society and is involved in organising events. With an aptitude for techno-economic modelling, Dale is passionate about accelerating the uptake of renewable energy for a more sustainable future.

Manish Bhambhu
Power Systems Engineer BTech, MEng, MIEAust

Manish is Incite Energy’s Power Systems Engineer, with experience working both in India and Australia. He has been involved in the manufacture, installation and testing of electrical equipment and is experienced in planning and scoping of maintenance work. His area of special interest is renewable energy, and he is passionate about working towards a sustainable future.

Manish approaches everything with a problem solving attitude and enjoys thinking outside the box in all aspects of life. He derives great satisfaction from improving the efficiency of systems and providing alternative workable solutions.

Tomás Durán
Country Manager – Chile PUC, MSc Electrical Engineering, CE

Tomás is a versatile professional with over 8 years of experience in engineering, finance, agriculture, and water management in Chile and LatAm. He specializes in the renewable energy sector, having developed over 100MW of renewable energy projects, led strategic techno-economic evaluations, and owner’s engineer and asset management services. He has also overseen large investment portfolios in the financial sector. 

Stephanie Wood

Stephanie is the Administrator of the Incite Energy team. Stephanie has worked in a variety of administrative roles, most recently in the medical industry. She also has extensive experience in customer service, both in retail and hospitality. 

Stephanie has spent time studying administration, hospitality, finance and singing teaching. She has a passion for administration and a desire to assist others to carry out their organisational roles.

Shweta Singh
Senior Protection Engineer BEng, MEng (EPS)

Shweta holds master’s degree in power system engineering with extensive years of experience in EHV/HV substation protection design in Australia and overseas including NZ, Oman and India.

She is a senior power system protection engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Transmission & Distribution industry in designing network protections up to 330kV including connecting renewable generation and BESS. She has recently completed major utility scale BESS and renewable generation connected EHV substations protections in WA and SA.

She is specialised in fault studies, protection grading studies, protection engineering, equipment sizing, functional specifications, protection settings and relay configurations for EHV/HV systems.

Eugene Munian
Senior Energy Market Analyst BSc, PGDip (Computer Science)

Eugene is an accomplished Energy Professional with two decades of expertise across Utilities (Electrical, Mining), Advisory Services (Honeywell, APD) & Telecoms (Telstra).

With a 15-year tenure at Western Power, Eugene has been well versed in forecast methodologies covering load, energy, customer segmentation and reliability metrics across the SWIS, Regulatory Access Arrangement submissions with specific interests in Distribution & Transmission reliability metrics, Regulatory Frameworks for Service Standard Benchmarks & Targets (SSB & SST) and the accompanying Penalty & Reward (SSAM) Mechanisms.

Eugene has also contributed significantly to the stewarding of high-frequency power flow data across the SWIS by undertaking proactive maintenance strategies designed around network augmentation and SCADA anomalies, and subsequently providing a firm foundation for the ‘Extract Transform Load’ (ETL) process for time-series operational data, that underpins all planning & regulatory decisions. Eugene has also worked on decarbonisation projects involving the techno-economic modelling of generation dispatch schedules, as well as control systems and simulation environments in the MES space.

Aaron Jackson
Power Systems Engineer BEng Hons/BSc Physics

Aaron is a Power Systems Engineer with nearly 5 years of experience across the renewable energy, power systems and traction power sectors. He has a broad skill set across electrical engineering disciplines and has proven theoretical and practical problem-solving capabilities.

During his career, Aaron has been involved in complex projects across the entire project lifecycle. His expertise covers Grid Connections, Energy Modelling Power systems analysis and Protection.

With a keen focus on new development and R&D, Aaron is passionate about delivering decarbonisation solutions using the latest advancements energy technologies.  

Ali Hosseini
Electrical Engineer MSc. (Master degree in Electrical engineering)

Ali is an accomplished electrical engineer who has got his master’s degree in electrical engineering from RMIT university. His research interest areas span microgrid, smart grid, e-mobility, renewable Energy, optimization, and application of AI in power system analysis. His commitment to optimizing electrical systems, integrating sustainable solutions, and applying cutting-edge technologies aligns with his passion for innovation in the energy sector. Ali has over 5 years of experience mainly focusing on electrical designing and modelling utility infrastructures including water and wastewater treatment plants. He is keen about this great opportunity to contribute his industrial experience and academic skills toward Incite Energy values and the company’s achievements for the energy transition.

Sophie Siemens
Manager – BESY Energy

As the Manager BESY at Incite Energy, Sophie is responsible for the BESY Energy Platform that is used by remote and regional communities to deliver real price relief through the transition to renewable energy by allowing energy consumers to make smarter energy choices.

Sophie has over 9 years of experience working for different Government entities in Australia and Chile in the sectors of trade, investment, climate change, energy and agriculture. Before joining Incite Energy she was working for the NSW, Victorian and Chilean Governments to grow business opportunities for companies respectively as well as working on various public policies, such as increasing Victoria’s renewable energy targets. Having studied Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Environment, she is passionate about supporting the transition towards net zero and fostering sustainable development. 

Juan Pablo Elorrieta
Senior Engineer BEng

Juan Pablo Elorrieta is a Senior Engineer specialising in the Chilean electricity market. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has extensive experience in consulting, regulatory frameworks, and data analytics. His expertise includes Capacity Markets and PPA analysis, focusing on driving insights and operational efficiency through advanced data analysis and automation techniques.

At Incite Energy, Juan Pablo combines his professional acumen with his diverse interests to lead innovative initiatives within the electricity market, demonstrating a commitment to excellence both professionally and personally.

Helen Gough
Partner GAICD, MBA, BBus (Hons), BCom, BEcon

Helen is a results-driven executive with over 20 years of experience designing and delivering improved outcomes for the energy industry in Australia and Europe. An economist at heart, she embraces the diversity of different cultures and working environments, excelling in regulatory compliance, bankability and understanding the implications of contractual obligations on operations. 

Her current work is centred on enabling energy transformation through innovative business models, clear communication of complex ideas, value creation through strategic risk allocation, energy storage optimisation and future networks.

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