Bristol Springs 105MWp Solar Farm

Pearl Clean Energy
Wagerup, WA
FEED Engineering


Project Description

Awarded full Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for a large scale solar plant, connecting into the Western Power Transmission Grid at 330kV. The overall delivery was to ensure an optimised renewable energy solution to allow a detailed financial analysis to proceed.

The scope for the project involved maximising the sites’ power and energy potential using the most advanced methodologies and technologies available. This included detailed PVsyst simulation analysis, Cluster optimisation, strategically placed MVPS collector systems and an optimum 330kV grid integration solution with N-1 contingency. This was delivered via a comprehensive delivery package of Detailed Drawings, Datasheets, BOM’s and Design Reports.

Key Achievements

Project implemented key methods and technologies for tracker backtracking, bifacial panels and cable optimisation that resulted in an optimum Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR) and Performance Ratio (PR) for the site.

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