Where others see limitations, Incite Energy see opportunities

We address the needs of commercial and utility clients in preparation of restructuring and decarbonisation with innovative studies to manage their energy consumption and costs competitively.

Client Focused Problem Solving

Advanced market modelling and analytics

Real-world market knowledge and experience

Emphasis on optimisation and constructability

Facilitate, utilise, and accelerate – Take your clean energy and electrification solutions to the next level

Our team of engineers support the design and connection of clean energy and electrification solutions.  We support all elements of the network connection process, including the design of connection and network infrastructure, equipment selection and the modelling of network outcomes. We can also design and implement your solar and battery solutions.

Participation & Operations

The team at Incite Energy lead with customised results for renewable energy generation to the electricity grid

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Project Delivery

The team at Incite Energy strive to achieve maximum benefit with tailored energy solutions for our clients

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Incite Energy is the key to your solutions

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Facilitate, utilize, and accelerate – Take your clean energy solution to the next level

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