Green Hydrogen – Energy Supply (Multiple Projects)

Incite Energy has assisted multiple megawatt and gigawatt scale green hydrogen proponents assess the optimal combination of electrolysers and renewable energy technologies to deliver the lowest cost of hydrogen. This assessment takes consideration of local wind and solar conditions, the availability (or otherwise) of grid-based renewable energy and the flexibility of electrolyser performance and hydrogen storage. This optimisation process includes consideration of network costs, and for some clients has extended into the determination of the ideal voltages, sizes, and placements of high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) electrical equipment and cabling within the facilities’ boundaries. 

For example, for one client, Incite Energy performed an initial examination of electrical power losses and cost estimates associated with various options for transferring power from the 330kV switchyard to the Electrolysers, providing a technical memorandum outlining the findings of that study. It included consideration of alternatives for transmitting energy from the main switchyard to multiple electrolysers, ranging from the use of 33kV cables to the use of 330kV cable circuits. 

Incite Energy has developed its own optimisation tool, Minerva to perform this techno-economic analysis. Minerva leverages analysis performed in other software packages such as PowerFactory to deliver detailed probabilistic-based modelling outcomes that optimise network, generation and storage combinations.

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