Renewable and Reliable Electricity Supply

Norfolk Island Regional Council
Full Transformation
2021 – Ongoing

Project Description

In late 2021, Incite Energy were appointed to review the operations and systems within the NIRC electricity business unit (NI Electricity) and implement changes to transition the island to an electricity grid dominated by renewable energy, allowing electricity tariffs to be reduced.

Key Achievements to Date

Assessed the revenue requirement for NI Electricity under multiple scenarios using HOMER Pro

Designed dynamic real-time tariffs that provide the required revenue as the island transitions to renewable energy. Put simply, when energy is abundant when the sun is shining, electricity tariffs are low, while they will remain high when the diesel generators are operating.

Undertaken a technical review of the network using DigSilent PowerFactory to ensure that safe and reliable operation will continue with the addition of distributed solar and energy storage solutions.

Supported the preparation of businesses cases prepared for stakeholder and grant providers to advance the transition.

Key achievements to come

Roll out time-of-use metering to all residents and businesses leveraging Norfolk Island’s new 4G mobile phone network

Introduce the dynamic tariffs using new billing software

Provide solar and energy storage packages to electricity consumers

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