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4th Annual National Hydrogen Day Celebration

I had the pleasure of attending the Australia’s 4th Annual National Hydrogen Day Celebration in Perth last Saturday – Well done to the teams at Hydrogen Society of Australia and Murdoch University! (Lorie JonesGM Shafiullah and Farut!). A great event, with a great line-up of speakers. Sharing lessons and celebrating successes in the decarbonisation community is such an important footstep towards the pathway to net zero – and this event nailed it!

It was great to hear the Minister for Regional Development Agriculture and Food- Hon. Alannah Mac Tiernan, be so passionate about the importance of hydrogen technology in the fight against climate change but also from a global point of view how hydrogen provides Australia with security against diesel supply chain risks. The changes in petroleum legislation to facilitate the inclusion of hydrogen will be a milestone!

Katie Cook, Director of JTSI had great insight on the importance of “hubs/clusters” to facilitate the integration of technology; maximise economic efficiencies & technological synergies; and optimise pipeline, people, ports and expansion!

Congratulations to the teams at Horizon Power (Mike Houlahan) and Hybrid Systems (Ashton Burton) who produced first hydrogen last week at their grid connected Denham Project such a fantastic milestone! Great lessons shared with regards to start up times on electrolysers, integrated systems, and lead times on compressors. So important that industry learn from boots on the ground!

Great presentation from Marc Senders on the Woodside Energy planned $5B investment strategy for new energy products until 2030 and the development of their Rockingham hydrogen hub which maximises the use of existing infrastructure and will stimulate the local economy.

Well done to Stephen Gauld from Infinite Green Energy (IGE) who presented on their progress in hydrogen projects across Australia! Of particular interest was their Early Production System, which looks at hydrogen production, hydrogen demand and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS). IGEs HRS in Northam leverages IGEs existing 11MW solar farm asset with an existing PPA in place – look forward to seeing you hit the market in 2024!

Davyd Cameron Hooper your work in developing the infrastructure backbone is crucial and David Cavanagh your contribution in the development of international hydrogen standards will be critical to the sustainability of hydrogen transport solutions and its supporting infrastructure – great work!

Finally, could not agree more with Brian Haggerty closing comments about the importance the ancient knowledge from Australia’s First Nations People will have in the battle against climate change. The time for listening and learning about the land is now – 100%!

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