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Safety and Sustainability Review

Incite Energy Decarbonisation Director, Kody Ponds, discusses the importance of maintaining a safety focus during periods of high change.

“As the race begins for ‘who can decarbonise quicker’ it is important to remember that you do not win the race if you lose team members along the way.

The global transformation towards decarbonisation solutions is an exciting challenge where innovative technology is being road mapped and integrated into projects that are due to be executed quickly within the next 10 years.

With external and internal pressures squeezing teams to perform and deliver on the promise of reduced carbon, it is extremely important that industry leaders don’t keep their eye off the ball when it comes to safety and the addition of new material risks to the business.

Decarbonisation technology has a low level of maturity, which means that it has a higher level of risk as vendors and project teams work through implementation teething issues. New risks will arise that have not been encountered before which will require a refocus on safety strategies as these projects go through the pipeline.

I believe that it is up to all of us, as leaders of this new transforming industry, to open the conversation about safety, share lessons learnt and discuss the sustainability of decarbonisation solutions as we travel down this road together. Keeping our people safe is key, and the only way to do that in such a rapidly evolving market is to talk about it.  

As an action towards this, Incite Energy will be taking to LinkedIn every month to do a ‘Safety and Sustainability Pause’ where we will focus on a decarbonisation topic and share our thoughts with regards to material risk and sustainable solutions. We invite everyone to join in the discussion and speak up on any lessons you have learnt or what you think should be taken into consideration when implementing certain solutions.

The aim here is to make sure our boots on the ground get to go home safely, and organisations minimise the impacts of material risks on operations.

In September’s ‘Safety and Sustainability Pause’ we will open the discussion to look at the electrification of mining fleet and what may need to be considered when implementing that type of solution in remote operations.”  

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